A Brief History

"I first started Rockpot as a mason working with arguably one of the best masons in the GTA. We worked on everything from historical projects to modern custom stone homes. One day the idea hit me - we make stone pillars for driveways, feature walls for house numbers, and even massive flowerbeds elevated off the homes foundation walls... so why not flowerpots? I looked everywhere and found nothing even remotely close to what I was envisioning. As I became aware of the flowerpot industry I realized that nearly everything on the market was the same generic look and made from cheap plastic that would crack and fade within a couple of years. I could not find a quality long term product with the jaw dropping beauty we were producing with stonework. Not long after I found myself designing the first of what would eventually be called a ROCKPOT. Taking everything into consideration that I've learned over the years from the trade, I designed a bulletproof (please don't try shooting it)... I mean a virtually indestructible concrete planter which would be able to be faced with ANY type of stone to match or contrast a house or commercial space perfectly... and from there the idea was born."

- Ryan Kizlyk 

Founder & Head Designer

Make a Statement 

"Since the day of inception, my mission has always been to create the most beautiful and longest lasting flowerpots this world has ever seen. Having experience in both the production style masonry work as well as the custom side of it, I wanted Rockpot to be focused on the art of stonework rather than the careless "throwing rocks in the wall" style I had seen so many masons do. Here at Rockpot we pride ourselves on making the most intricate and detailed masterpieces we possibly can. Rockpots are designed to make a statement." 

- Ryan Kizlyk

Founder & Head Designer

5 Year Warranty


Rockpots are designed to be the last flowerpots you ever need to purchase. Not only are they pieces of art, but functionally they are built so strong that we expect them to last easily for the next 30+ years. We offer a 5 year unlimited warranty for all Rockpot products. We pride ourselves on making the strongest and most beautiful flowerpots in the world, but Rockpots are susceptible to the same natural forces that effect stone houses and patios over time. Upon delivery, one of our Rockpot experts will provide you with all of the precautionary practices needed to ensure your Rockpot gets better with age.


Mother Nature did some damage? Someone backed their car into your Rockpot? We can fix it! Rockpot products can all be repaired and refreshed to look good as new. Call to dispatch one of our master craftsmen to come assess and fix any damage. 

Winter Friendly

From an engineering perspective, Rockpots are designed specifically to withstand the harsh conditions of winter. Their tapered design and smooth waterproof coating on the inside forces frost and frozen material to push upwards rather than outwards. This allows for Rockpots to be planted all year round without the worries of cracking.  Combine this design with a few proactive practices such as potting soil and thin sheets of styrofoam in the bottom and you have nothing to worry about if you decide to leave your Rockpot planted all year round. 

Delivery &


Rockpot's are heavy. There's no getting around it, but they are movable and versatile by design. Moving and placing them to the appropriate spot is a skill that varies in difficulty from job-to-job. Distance, Stairs and other obstacles are all factors that get integrated into the cost of shipping. A shipping estimate will be given upon the initial consultation.  Please Call or Email for more information.