You Dream It, We Build It. 

Rockpots are 100% handmade custom to each order. We can make them any size, any shape, using any type of stone to make sure your Rockpot compliments your residential or commercial space perfectly. Each Rockpot is unique and no two will ever be exactly alike. Follow the 4 easy steps to give yourself a better idea about how we can custom make Rockpots to your liking. 


Rockpots come in 4 standard sizes:

Pick Your Size




40" tall, 22" wide cap, 14" base. Enough planting space to fit a small tree. 

A classic. 30" tall, 21" wide cap, 13" base. Lots of planting space. 

27" tall, 18.5" cap, 11" base. The perfect alternative when the 30" is too big. 

27" Slim

27" tall, 16" wide cap, 10" base. Ideal for small areas that require a small footprint. Planting space is limited but still sufficient to grow beautiful arrangements. 

Custom Sizing and Shapes

Have a specific size or shape in mind? We can do that. We are not limited to any specific size or shape. A one time fee will be added for set up and design of custom sizes. Please contact us for a quote. 


Pick Your Stone 

All Rockpots are hand chipped and crafted by masons using real natural stone. We understand for most projects a specific type of stone will be desired to match the existing space. Request a Rockpot representative to bring samples of stone by if you are unsure of what type of stone you would like. A few examples of past projects are: 

Owen Sound Brown Limestone 

Credit Valley Sandstone

Kingston Hue Sandstone 


All Rockpots come with a solid 1-piece stone cap available in all types of stone and multiple finishes:

  • Polished

  • Natural

  • Sandblasted

  • Flamed 

Pick Your Cap

Eramosa Limestone - Polished finish

Black Limestone - Natural finish 


Wairton Limestone - Polished finish

Rockpot bases are commonly made of the same stone and finish as the cap or the body of the Rockpot, please specify upon ordering.

Step 4


All Rockpots can be customized with engravings of house numbers or company logos. Simply provide us with the vector art you desire or use our graphic designing service to come up with the perfect design. We provide two types of engraving services:

  1. Laser engraving - etches a 1/8th inch deep engraving of a logo or house number onto a stone

  2. Water jet - cuts out the house number or logo entirely 

Laser Engraving


Rockpot now offers remote controlled LED accent lighting embedded into the underside of the cap. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure the Underglow shines for years to come.

Starting at $399

Book an appointment!

Custom orders require an in-person consultation to ensure the proper materials are selected and final look is achieved. Email or call using the options below.

Ryan Kizlyk

Founder & Head Designer

Phone: 289-683-2884