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A Rockpot is more than just a planter. It is a work of art, hand-made to order exclusively for you. Follow our simple step-by-step formula to help carve your visions into stone.

step one

Stone Selection

The design collaboration begins with the selection of stones that will be used in your Rockpot. Whether you choose to match or contrast with your new or existing space, we will provide guidance and knowledge about the different types of stone that are available to be used in your Rockpot. 


Put simply, any type of natural stone on this earth can be used.  

stone hand .jpg

step two

Size & Shape

30 fieldston w cap cutout.png
27 slim fieldstone cutout.png
27s FS NT.png

Rockpots can be crafted into virtually any size or shape. Our classic designs and standard sizes have been refined into perfect proportions. Bespoke designs can be created by collaborating with our design specialists who can turn your vision into a reality beginning with a single line on a piece of paper. 


The Rockbox is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between patron and artisan. This story began in a space-limited entrance to a company's new headquarters and represents the capabilities of Rockpot fulfilling even the most ambitious designs without compromise. Measuring in at 8 feet long and only 11 inches wide, Rockpot can provide solutions to even the most challenging designs and locations. 


Step three 

Cap & Base Finishes

Customization of the cap and base can be presented in multiple styles and finishes. Our designers will guide you through all of the finishing details to ensure your Rockpot compliments the space it will be residing.

30 inch brown mona.png
27s FS NT.png

Step Four


Rockpots can be customized with company logos, house numbers, and custom engravings. Simply provide us an image or work with our in-house graphic designer to design your own logo. We offer a range of solutions for engraving complex logos and can incorporate colours if needed. 

muskoka crooked cut out.png

step five

Colour Enhancing

Unleash the true beauty of your natural stone. This is a permanent application that brings out the true colour of the natural stone. This application lasts up to 3 years and provides an additional layer of protection for the stone.

brown 30 final .png

step six


Rockpot accent lighting will add a nighttime ambiance like no other. This LED strip lighting system is remote controlled and dimmable. Multi-Colour and solar options are available.  Consult with our design specialists to learn more.

lights .jpg

Book a Design Consultation

You don't just purchase a Rockpot, you commission it. Every Rockpot is hand-crafted and tailored to each owner. Our design consultation is the beginning of the journey of designing your vision. Consultations may be conducted over the phone, by email, virtual meetings, or in-person consultations where samples of Rockpots and stone can be brought for staging purposes.