Deposited by the receding glaciers from the last ice age, this unique blend of real natural stone features weathering and texture that can only be produced from millions of years of exposure to the elements. Harvested by hand from the fields of Southern Ontario, each stone tells its own story, and preserving this prehistoric look requires very little altering of each stone and instead focuses on finding the perfect rock to fit each space to create a mosaic masterpiece.​​


Designed without compromise, Rockpot draws on the world of art, design, and engineering to create some of the strongest and most beautiful planters on earth. Designed to be the last flowerpots you ever need to purchase, our proprietary design comes with a standard 25 Year Limited Warranty for all Rockpot products. Upon delivery, we will provide you with all of the precautionary practices needed to ensure your Rockpot only gets better with age. 


Guaranteed to never blow over


The design is in the details. Choose from a variety of custom finishing options. 


Rockpot covers shipping and placement. Just tell us where you want it!

Fieldstone Gallery


Custom Engravings

Add logos, house numbers, or memorial plaques


Add LED accent lighting for a nighttime effect

Color Enhancer

Add a sealer to bring out the true beauty of the Natural Stone

Standard Sizing


Height: 27"

Width (top): 18"



Height: 27"

Width (top): 20.5" 

Height: 30"

Width (top): 22"

Custom sizes & shapes available upon request


Height: 40"

Width (top): 23"

Book a Design Consultation

You don't just purchase a Rockpot, you commission it. Every Rockpot is hand-crafted and tailored to each owner. Our design consultation is the beginning of the journey of designing your vision. Consultations may be conducted over the phone, by email, virtual meetings, or in-person meetings where samples of Rockpots and stone can be brought for staging purposes.

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