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All Rockpots come with a standard 25 Year Limited Warranty. Rockpot's proprietary design combines the old-world art of natural stone masonry with the modern science of engineering to give you an extraordinary product that will last a lifetime. Countless hours and years of experience from structural engineers have contributed into the design to specifically withstand even the harshest Canadian winters. This design allows for Rockpots to be planted and left outside all year round without the need to empty soil or do any other winter preparation. Rockpot's 25 Year Limited Warranty covers any catastrophic failure of the inner-structure each Rockpot is built upon. The 25 Year Limited Warranty does not cover aesthetic flaws that may occur over time such as efflorescence or bleeding and staining from naturally occurring elements that may be found in certain types of natural stone. As with any type of real natural stonework, there are precautionary winter practices to be taken to ensure the appearance of the stonework looks and stays its best. You will be be given a list of these practices upon delivery as well as an official warranty certificate. 

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